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GIS - The Cornerstone Of OSPInsight

Randy Anderson - Aug 4, 2016 12:00:00 PM

GIS - The Cornerstone of OSPInsight (featured image)

I spent some time last summer at the ESRI (www.esri.com) user conference in San Diego.  I'm always impressed at the vast community that has embraced the ESRI technology.  The conference is a GIS geeks dream.  Everywhere you look there is a map.  Maps on screens and paper and even wrapped around a big ball.   Maps on the ceilings and floors and walls.  They had a cage with drones flying around a terrain model and people flying around a city using virtual reality.

The thing that is refreshing is that it appears that ESRI has not only grown their business tremendously, but they have re-invested in it.  From my perspective, their products just keep getting better and more powerful.   Also, their commitment to the telecom vertical is refreshing.  What's more, ESRI has a company culture that is not just about pushing to thrive in the world but also striving to make it better by making their technology available to other like minded groups who hope for a better world and have the ability to do something about it. 

When it comes to OSPInsight, the ESRI conference is like Christmas morning.  We are fiber optic network management geeks that embrace GIS as a corner stone of our products. And ESRI continues to create tools and products within the GIS realm to help us enhance our applications.  For over 15 years we have developed OSPInsight within the ESRI ecosystem and will aggressively continue to do so.  Their technology enables us to support the desktop, web, and mobile devices.  I look forward to a continued strong relationship with ESRI.  

Indeed, with that said, we still have an ongoing and enduring relationship with Pitney Bowes and MapInfo Professional (www.mapinfo.com).  We look forward to continuing to support and embrace the MapInfo technology in the years to come, just as we have since 1994.  Speaking of the various GIS options, we've completed our first full JavaScript application (Fiber Test Insight - FTI) using open source GIS.  This is some very exciting technology that will benefit our user community in the years to come.

Like the owner of a fine restaurant constantly seeking the best sources of food to prepare for their clientele, so do we seek the best sources of technology to weave into our products for the benefit and tastes of our clients.  Ultimately, even though the GIS is probably the most visual aspect of OSPInsight, it is only the cornerstone with the database being the ultimate foundation.  Thus, we have the flexibility to swap out this corner stone and allow our users the GIS options they desire to meet their operational and budgetary objectives.

Even so, I must say that ESRI has some very cool tools.  I just wish I would have had the time to do the virtual city fly over.   Maybe next year.