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What Is OSPInsight?

Nov 12 , 2018
Twenty years ago, the only way to document fiber optic networks was by putting pencil to paper. But In 1996, OSPInsight championed an industry-wide shift that transformed an antiquated process into a software driven database.
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Why Do you Need A Fiber Capacity Report?

Nov 5 , 2018
What Is A Fiber Network Capacity Report? One of the most valuable tools for fiber optic network developers is the fiber capacity report. As the name suggests, a capacity report provides a real-time view of how much open capacity exists across the cables within a fiber network, all of the way down to the individual strand.
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Trends in Fiber Networks

Oct 29 , 2018
Over the past five decades, fiber optic technology has improved tremendously, transforming the telecommunications industry and the broader global digital landscape. Today, fiber networks span entire countries and oceans, carrying data over vast distances at near-light speed. In this article, we take a brief look at the history of fiber networks...
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What is Fiber Optic Technology?

Oct 23 , 2018
With how much we hear about “The Cloud,” it’s easy to forget that so much of the information we consume actually travels underground through thousands of miles of tubes that have been installed over decades.
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OSPInsight: Your Fiber Management Tool

Oct 17 , 2018
There are over 300 million internet users in America. Every single one of them wants high-speed, reliable, and secure access to the web. Keeping up with this demand means laying down hundreds of miles of new cable, an expensive endeavor riddled with regulatory oversight and challenging logistics. In a competitive field with a demanding customer...
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Importance of Knowing Your Fiber Optic Network Data

Oct 8 , 2018
Everyday we meet customers who have their data in multiple data storage locations. Many use spreadsheets to track connectivity and Visio or CAD to map cable routes.
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Ten Reasons to Choose OSPInsight

Oct 8 , 2018
Twenty years ago we released the first version of OSPInsight, a fiber network management system. We built OSPInsight to help our customers organize their data and better utilize their network assets.  We started to make our own Top 10 list for why customers choose OSPInsight, but we thought it was more compelling to use what our customers have...
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Fiber Software From the Street Up

Mar 16 , 2018
I received an email with the subject line, “Quote of the Day”.  It was sent by one of our sales engineers who had been speaking with a prospective client that had just completed a rigorous examination of fiber optic network management systems, one of which was OSPInsight.  In expressing his delight with OSPInsight the client said, “It seems as...
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Where's The Fault: My Introduction to "WTF"

May 19 , 2017
One early spring morning I was weaving through traffic, headed to a baseball game.  I was the coach of a team of talented 14 year old boys playing the first game of an early season tournament.  The day before, I had insisted that the boys and their parents be at the game early so we would have plenty of time to prepare.  But now, I was running...
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Keep Your Fiber Optic Network Database Vibrant: 7 Essentials to Successful Database Maintenance

Feb 28 , 2017
A few weeks ago I had a chance to meet with my good friends at Lambda Test Equipment in Pretoria, South Africa.  Lambda is an award winning organization that specializes in test equipment to support fiber optic networks.  They have a solid reputation and loyal customer base that they’ve been serving for over two decades.  And, of course, they...
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