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What Is The Route Schematic Tool?

Wade Anderson, Former SVP of SMB - Nov 30, 2018 10:00:00 AM

What Is The Route Schematic Tool (featured image)

Recently, OSPInsight rolled out the Route Schematic tool which helps fiber network managers visualize key characteristics about their existing cable routes. Although all of the information contained in route schematics are available through other reporting tools, there is no cleaner way to see and share how fibers are being utilized.

Route schematics display the locations of all endpoints along a cable, the distances between them, and panel assignments. Specific buildings and clients are also identified so that users understand how the schematic translates to real-world usage.

What Is The Route Schematic Tool_01

How Are Route Schematics Useful?

Route schematics are helpful for a number of reasons. The snapshot below depicts a diagram for a cable with more than six endpoints. We see that the cable begins at the AFO Central Office where the SLC East Side Panel 1 is being used. Nearly 40,000 feet away is the second endpoint located at the LDS Church Office Building. The route continues with much shorter distances separating the following endpoints.

What Is The Route Schematic Tool_02

Diagrams such as these can be printed and shared for the benefit of different types of roles throughout fiber network management organizations. For example, network technicians can use route schematics to diagnose where and why signal attenuation may be occurring along a cable. Signals may need to be boosted where long distances separate endpoints.

Route schematic icons can also be rearranged to create a visual representation that more accurately displays the relative positions of cable endpoints. It is common to see schematics that are organized in rings or loops as this is often the actual design of fiber routes. This view can be helpful for fiber network leaders who want a high-level understanding of how their networks are designed. Additionally, those concerned with fiber network business development may benefit from seeing where they have open panels that can be put to use.

Valuable For Successful Network Management

In summary, route schematics are a clean and simple way to visually depict cable routes and network data. The Route Schematic tool has been incredibly helpful for OSPInsight’s clients over the last two years and will continue to be an important tool for successful network management.