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Why build a fiber optic network?

Wade Anderson, Former SVP of SMB - Mar 31, 2020 11:00:00 AM

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There are many reasons to invest in fiber optic networks today.

First and foremost, technological innovation requires it. All over the world, demand for high-speed, broadband internet is increasing and data usage is growing rapidly. Copper wires are no longer able to support the level of connectivity that consumers and businesses need.

Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), we can also identify network gaps and inadequate telecommunication infrastructure more easily than ever before. Network operators can evaluate potential opportunities with market-specific insights and see what resources are already available in a given area. Additionally, we can effectively assess how environmental factors and competition will impact network development efforts.

Fiber optic networks are also a far more attractive financial investment today. The cost of fiber has gone down dramatically and expected revenues are higher given the demand for the technology. Additionally, takes less time to achieve profitability as network deployments have become more efficient.

Overall, there is far less risk involved given the array of technologies and wealth of information that we have available today.